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Tree planting campaign as a sustainability kick-off for the anniversary

Mayor Peter Raith (Fladnitz an der Teichalm), Mario Klammer, Peter Eibisberger, Christian Ferstl and Werner Faustmann came to Tulwitz in glorious sunshine with over 1,000 tree seedlings to hand them over to the local foresters.

And Mayor Peter Raith also speaks of a very clever action, because: “This will help to make the cult race on the Rechberg as climate-neutral as possible directly in the beautiful Almenland. And that in turn strengthens our leisure space, which we are so proud of. I am very pleased that the organizers of the Rechberg race are so committed to their work. This shows a sense of responsibility, which of course I warmly welcome in this form.

We want to make a big statement about sustainability,” explains the quartet from Rechbergrennen GmbH in unison. “With this campaign, we are able to bind the entire CO² emissions of approx. 10.6 tons that are generated in racing operations.”

The recipients of the more than 1,000 tree seedlings are also enthusiastic about this campaign. After all, this will allow over 1 hectare of new forest to be planted, which will of course also benefit the overall image of the popular tourist region for many years to come. True to the slogan: Styria – the green heart of Austria!

The mayor also appeals to the fans; “Please try to organize car pools. This is a significant step in the right direction. After all, we also want to hold our Rechberg race in the future. And the more sustainability you create, the easier this endeavor will be!