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The great comeback of the Rechberg race

The great comeback of the Rechberg race

The mountain classic in Styria is saved. In 2023, the gas will be stepped up again under new management. Fans can expect a mega mountain spectacle.

A specially founded Rechbergrennen GmbH with the managing directors Mario Klammer, Peter Eibisberger and Christian Ferstl will take care of the continuation of the legendary Rechbergrennen from now on.

They are all successful entrepreneurs and racing drivers from Styria and know what a mammoth task they are tackling.

Fans have been missing this classic for 3 years now, but as of next year, the wait will be over. The date will be the weekend of 29. until April 30, 2023 – subject to date confirmation by the FIA.

The ultimate hillclimb race at Rechberg will again be held as a round of the FIA European Hillclimb Championship (modern & historic). In addition, other predicates such as the Austrian Mountain Championship and other country championships, which are currently still being negotiated, will be held.

“The Rechbergrennen is one of the largest motorsport events in Austria and is also still very steeped in history and long-established. Precisely for this reason, there are numerous innovations from 2023, no stone remains on the other!”, so the shareholders in unison, and continue:

“Both participants and fans can look forward to something great … tradition combined with modern times – that’s the goal.”

The company is also very proud of the cooperation with the local motorsport clubs and associations, as well as the broad acceptance among the population.

“We still have a lot to do, but we are top motivated and in good spirits that the Rechbergrennen 2023 will be a complete success!”, says the dynamic trio of managing partners Klammer, Eibisberger and Ferstl in conclusion.