Safety instructions

Motorsport is dangerous ONLY for those who do not follow a few simple rules!


Attention: Motorsport is attractive, but can also be dangerous. As a spectator of a motorsport event, you must follow the most important safety rules for your own safety!

Along the hillclimb circuit, 50 meters is generally considered a restricted zone to the right and left of the track (except for designated spectator zones).

The most important safety rules are:

  • Always be on time at the pre-selected spectator points!
  • Never get too close to dangerous points!
  • Always stand behind the barriers and the restricted areas marked by the organizer!
  • Never stay at points that you could not leave in case of a dangerous situation!
  • Never stay at points which are below street level!
  • Never cross the track during practice or race runs!
  • Think not only about your personal safety, but also about the safety of the participants and thus do not cause difficulties for the participants!
  • If you are traveling with children, ALWAYS keep them under supervision!
  • Stay at the same spectator area until the end of the runs until the organizer clears the track again!
  • Never stand too close to the track!
  • A greater distance also gives you a much better view when watching!
  • If a participant has an accident or technical problems, think first of all about your own safety! The marshals are the only ones who rush to help!
  • Your safety, your health and your life are more important than any participant’s ranking!
  • Please do not disturb the organizer’s officials in their tasks!
  • Strictly follow the instructions and orders of the marshals, the organizer and the police!
  • Keep nature clean and thereby do not pollute the environment! Take your trash to the nearest collection point and dispose of it there – thank you for that!
  • Always expect the unexpected!