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Innovations at the Rechberg Race 2024

Rupert Schwaiger beim Rechbergrennen

The Rechberg Race, which has been held on the Rechberg in the Almenland region since 1972 and is one of the most important motorsport events in Austria, will be breaking new ground from 2024.

Live entertainment will also be improved:

  • Larger video walls
  • Clearer paddock
  • Merchandising
  • Gastro
  • Fan Mile
  • Entertainment in the marquee

Everything gets a little better and more exciting. Of course, there will also be a live stream during the entire event. It already had over 70,000 (!) hits last year and was also awarded top marks by the FIA.

Information – constantly updated, of course – is available here on the website, as well as on the social media channels of Facebook and Instagram under #rechbergrennen.