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Green light for sustainability

Nachhaltigkeit Rechbergrennen 2024

Since last year, the organizing committee of the Rechberg Race has been acting and thinking very sustainably!

A dedicated team of sustainability experts evaluated the 2023 race. In cooperation with AMF, the first steps towards environmental protection are now being promoted and appropriate measures implemented.

Based on this analysis, the organizing committee will take a first step towards active CO2 binding in 2024:
The aim is to bind the direct emissions from “active racing operations” through a regional tree planting campaign. The OC team will purchase or provide 1,000 tree seedlings for various trees (larch, fir, beech, etc. – All in accordance with the recommendation of the Chamber of Forestry) and distribute them to private individuals from the “Rechberg” catchment area and the municipalities of Fladnitz a.d. Teichalm and Semriach.

The CO2 emissions of approx. 10.6 tons of CO2 per year associated with “active racing operations” are bound and thus neutralized.

We want to and must evaluate the event in terms of climate protection, develop and implement ways to reduce CO2 – so that we can continue to pursue our beloved passion, motorsport, with a clear conscience in 10 years’ time and beyond,” says Werner Faustmann, who is the sustainability officer on the organizing committee.

The Grand Prix of Austria thus takes on a leading role throughout Europe in the segment of mass motorsport, and the findings, evaluations and successes gained will be translated into an event guide by the AMF. This guide, in turn, is intended to help organizers of similar, national events to force a multiplication of the individual building blocks.