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Fulminant training day on the Rechberg in glorious weather


The fans experience a dream day at the European Mountain Championships in Tulwitz

The best are stacking deep, so everything is open for race day.

The spectators came in droves, saw and were amazed: “What the organizing team has put together again this year is wonderful. We came all the way from Bavaria and were really blown away. Everything was spruced up, an incredible amount of information from the brilliant presenters and three video walls, wonderful natural grandstands and excellent regional delicacies – plus a pure racing feeling – what more could you want!” said a group of fans from near Passing.

The organizational trio Mario Klammer, Peter Eibisberger and Christian Ferstl are also very satisfied with the first day on the Rechberg. “Several thousand fans were here today and praised us for our work. But we would also like to say thank you – because without spectators such an event simply doesn’t work. The atmosphere was already great today and we are already looking forward to tomorrow!”

Now to the sporting side:

236 starters gratefully accepted the three training runs and showed from the second training session what they had in mind on race day.

The schedule held, as all the vehicles arrived back in the paddock shortly after 7.00 pm.

A few slips and technical problems were quite manageable, only the crash of Franco Berto (ITA) shortly before the “Schitterdorf” section caused a moment of shock. Fortunately, the involuntary slip at around 200 km/h had no health consequences for the pilot. Franco Berto was uninjured during his excursion into the botany, but his vehicle probably needs some new parts.

Karl Schagerl (VW Golf Rallye TFSI) was the fastest in the touring car category. He was followed by Ronny Bratschi (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 RS) and Jörg Weidinger (BMW Z4 GT3).

The fastest Styrian is Rupert Schwaiger with his Porsche 911 3.5 Bi-Turbo, the fastest Styrian is Sigrid Ferstl with her Formula Tatuus Master S2000. She also leads the overall list of the 10 ladies on the Rechberg after training.

The top pilots were very deep in the pile… none of them really let themselves be seen in the cards and so we will be able to see some more time fireworks on race day. So excitement is well provided for.

Frenchman Geoffrey Schatz is in first place in the overall standings after 3 training sessions. He fired his Nova NP 01-2 Honda Turbo up the pass in an incredible 1:44.440, leaving the top favorite Christian Merli (ITA) 0.501 seconds behind with his time of 1:44.541.

The fast Joseba Iraola Lanzagorta (ESP) was third fastest with a time of 1:47.351.

So the fans can look forward to Sunday. The first race starts at 09:00, the second race has been scheduled by the Rechberg team for 14:00.

Um 08.30 Uhr startet die feierliche Eröffnungszeremonie mit Landeshauptmann Mag. Christopher Drexler, dem Präsidenten der AMF Prof. Dr. Harald Hertz, den Bürgermeistern Peter Raith (Fladnitz an der Teichalm) und Gottfried Rieger (Semriach), sowie der Spitze des Organisations-Teams.

Willi Gabalier wird die Bundes-Hymne singen, begleitet wird der Festakt von der Musikkapelle Fladnitz/Teichalm und Kindern der Volksschule Fladnitz/Teichalm als fröhliche Fahnenträger.

For the livestream there is the link on the homepage, Facebook and Instagram, for the livetiming there is the homepage of Delta Timing.

Photo credit: Rechbergrennen/FIA/H.Rieger/HCF-Hillclimbfans