You have questions about the rechberg race? Then get in touch with us!

Christian Ferstl, Managing Partner

Peter Eibisberger

Managing Partner

+43 664 5208900

Mario Klammer, Managing Partner

Mario Klammer

Managing Partner

+43 (0)664 2240788

Contact Christian Ferstl, Managing Partner

Christian Ferstl

Managing Partner

+43 (0)664 5327764

Peter Bauregger, Press Officer

Peter Bauregger

Chief Press Officer

+43 (0)664 3570999

Contact Helmut Schöpf, Race Director

Helmut Schöpf

Race director

+43 (0)664 4132915

Peter Greiter, Teilnehmer Verbindungsbeauftragter

Peter Greiter

Competitor Relations Officer

+43 (0)664 2422306

Werner Faustmann - Sustainability Officer of the Rechberg Race

Werner Faustmann

Sustainability Officer

+43 664 8274333

Matthias Mayer

Matthias Mayer

Secretary of the event

Peter Schabernack

Service Park Supervisor


This is where we can be found:

Rechberghöhe 1
A-8102 Semriach

This is how you can reach us:


Contact/Location Rechbergrennen 2023
Location Rechbergrennen 2023