You have questions about the rechberg race? Then get in touch with us!

Christian Ferstl, Managing Partner

Peter Eibisberger

Managing Partner

+43 664 5208900

Mario Klammer, Managing Partner

Mario Klammer

Managing Partner

+43 664 2240788

Contact Christian Ferstl, Managing Partner

Christian Ferstl

Managing Partner

+43 664 5327764

Peter Bauregger, Press Officer

Peter Bauregger

Chief Press Officer

+43 664 3570999

Contact Helmut Schöpf, Race Director

Helmut Schöpf

Race director

+43 664 4132915

Peter Greiter, Teilnehmer Verbindungsbeauftragter

Peter Greiter

Competitor Relations Officer

+43 664 2422306

Werner Faustmann - Sustainability Officer of the Rechberg Race

Werner Faustmann

Sustainability Officer

+43 664 8274333

Claudia Bidlas

Secretary of the event

Matthias Mayer Team Rechbergrennen

Matthias Mayer

Deputy Secretary of the event

Peter Schabernack

Service Park Supervisor


This is where we can be found:

Rechberghöhe 1
A-8102 Semriach

This is how you can reach us:


Contact/Location Rechbergrennen 2024
Location Rechbergrennen 2024