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The mountain has a prophet!

Hauptsponsor des Rechbergrennens 2023 ist Dsire Tea Drink

Dsire Tea Drink is the official main sponsor of the 2023 Rechberg Hillclimb.

The upperstyrian beverage manufacturer supports the comeback of the hillclimb classic significantly.

We are meeting Bernhard Scheikl for the photo session in his office, where he welcomes us with a smile. “Now it’s fixed! I’m looking forward to working with the organizing team of the Rechberg Hillclimb. Mainly because I know exactly what it means to start from zero,” explains Bernhard Scheikl.

Bernhard Scheikl founded his Dsire Tea Drink empire in 2015 and is now one of the fixtures in the hotly contested beverage market. His irrepressible will and perseverance have always shaped him and that’s where Scheikl sees the most connections with the Rechberg Hillclimb. “I like the professional and meticulous work that is put in by the organizing team for the Rechberg Hillclimb. There is a big goal – and I would like to promote and support it as much as I can, and this for a long time!”.

Bernhard Scheikl was born as a true farmer’s boy in the Mürztal. He still likes to remember the valuable advice of his grandfather, who has always been his great role model. Bernhard learned 6 musical instruments, played with them in various bands and trained as a machinist.

But how did the cooperation between the Rechberg Hillclimb and Dsire Tea Drink come true?

But how did the cooperation between the Rechberg Hillclimb and Dsire Tea Drink come true? 24 years ago, Mario Klammer and Bernhard Scheikl shared the same classroom at HTL Kapfenberg, 20 years later the paths of the two crossed again at the famous Weiz Rallye, for which Mario Klammer is also responsible as the organizational leader.

Mario Klammer remembers: “At that time, Bernhard had already gained a foothold in motorsport with his Dsire Tea Drink in terms of marketing. Of course, I am particularly pleased that we have now managed to work together for long time very well at the Rechberg race!”

Bernhard Scheikl adds: “We already support many athletes with Friends of Dsire, but we were still missing an event that fits our philosophy. And I found everything I was looking for at the Rechberg Hillclimb.” Very important is also the future perspective, we don’t want to be there just once, this is a long-term project.”

It’s about the things you can’t buy: motivation, time, dreams. Bernhard and his crew are all about tackling life, staying thirsty and moTEAvated: “Because in life there is no lost property office for missed opportunities and that’s why I decided to support the Rechberg Hillclimb for long time!

The ultimate Hillclimb Race on the Rechberg will take place from April 28th to 30th 2023 as a run for the FIA European Hillclimb Championship. In addition, other predicates, such as the Austrian Hillclimb Championships, as well as the Slovenian and Slovakian Championships, are extended.

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