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Voices of the local drivers

Karl Schagerl (Touring car record holder, Motorsport Personality of the Year 2022): “We’re still tuning my car, but I’m already looking forward to the Rechberg. I like the track and I thank the organizers for their commitment. It would be a shame if the Rechberg didn’t exist. The atmosphere from the many fans alone is so motivating that riding the Rechberg is a must. My goal is to be the fastest touring car again. My team, my car and I – we are ready!”

Sigrid and Christian Ferstl (racing couple from Eastern Styria): “This is the second time we’ve competed on the Rechberg. Although we’ve been active since 2016, it was only last year that it worked out. We’ll be there again this year with our formula cars. And we’re really looking forward to our home race, the fans and the unique atmosphere that always prevails.”

Felix Pailer (a Rechbergrennen without him? Unthinkable!): I probably had the biggest and most emotional success of my career here on the Rechberg…the victory in 2007. It will stay with me forever. Since then, the Rechberg has been one of my absolute favorite routes. My goal is to finish in the top 3 – that would be really nice. I’m sure the fans will cheer me up the mountain…and then I’ll be even faster!”

Rupert Schwaiger (Porsche glowers in a class of their own): “It’s amazing what the organizers have put together again this year! Now it’s our turn as drivers and we’ll do our bit to make it a success. I think I have a good chance of a top place, my car is perfectly prepared by my son as always and I’m highly motivated. The best part is always the drive back down to the valley…the joy and emotion that spills from the fans into the car is pure goosebumps every time!”

Kerstin Taus (Driver and team manager): “The last few weeks have not been easy. We had several projects running at the same time. Among other things, the two rounds of the Hillclimb Rally Cup, which my dad drives, and of course the preparations for the Rechberg. I will be at the wheel myself on this iconic track, because the feeling here on our home circuit is indescribable. My goal is to achieve a great position in the women’s classification. It won’t be easy, but with the help of the fans I’ll give it my all!”

Hermann Waldy (formula hunter from Carinthia): “Do you see my smile? It’s such a pleasure for me to race up the mountain here on the Rechberg in front of tens of thousands of fans. What’s more, an incredible number of fast guys and girls from all over Europe come here.

I want to be the fastest Austrian – that’s my goal!”

The ultimate hill climb on the Rechberg will take place from April 26 to 28, 2024 as the first round of the

FIA European Hillclimb Championship (modern and historic). In addition, the Austrian Mountain State Championship (modern and historic) will also be held.

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The anniversary race on the Rechberg attracts the best mountain racing drivers from all over Europe

247 participants from 18 nations come to the Almenland

Organizer team anticipates a huge rush of fans

The Rechbergrennen, which has been held on the Rechberg in the Almenland region since 1972 and is being held for the 50th time this year, is one of the most important motorsport events in Austria and is obviously incredibly popular with the teams.

From historic vehicles and brand-new touring cars to brute formula cars, everything is represented that delights the motorsport heart.

247 entries received were received by the organizers up to the last second of the entry deadline: “Some teams made it really exciting, because we knew they were coming, but the entry didn’t arrive. But now we can proudly say that we are one of the biggest hill climb races in Europe!” said a visibly delighted Helmut Schöpf, the race director on the Rechberg.

The organizing trio Mario Klammer, Peter Eibisberger and Christian Ferstl “The fact alone that we are able to welcome drivers from 18 nations shows just how famous and sought-after our beautiful race track is throughout Europe. And everything is in place for our 50th race on the Rechberg. There will be even more entertainment for the fans in the form of helicopter flights and an additional video wall in the finish area on the Strobl straight.”

A look at the entry statistics

Overall nomination result: 247
EHC (European Championship Modern) 62
HHC (European Championship Historical)47
ÖBM (Austrian Mountain Championship Modern) 132
ÖBMH (Austrian Mountain Championship Historical) 42

18 nations

Austria (152)
Czech Republic (26)
Italy (19)
Germany (9)
Slovenia (8)
France (6)
Switzerland and Croatia (5 each)
Poland and Slovakia (3)
Spain, Hungary and Montenegro (2 each)
Belgium, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia (1 each)

And the entry list features big names from the mountain elite:

Christian Merli (ITA), Alexander Hin (DEU), Christoph Lampert (AUT), Fausto Bormolini (ITA), Joseba Iraola Lanzagorta (ESP), Marcel Steiner (CHE), Kevin Petit (FRA), Reto Meisel (CHE), Jörg Weidinger (DEU)…to name but a few.