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Innovations at the Rechberg Race 2024

Rupert Schwaiger beim Rechbergrennen

The Rechberg Race, which has been held on the Rechberg in the Almenland region since 1972 and is one of the most important motorsport events in Austria, will be breaking new ground from 2024.

Live entertainment will also be improved:

  • Larger video walls
  • Clearer paddock
  • Merchandising
  • Gastro
  • Fan Mile
  • Entertainment in the marquee

Everything gets a little better and more exciting. Of course, there will also be a live stream during the entire event. It already had over 70,000 (!) hits last year and was also awarded top marks by the FIA.

Information – constantly updated, of course – is available here on the website, as well as on the social media channels of Facebook and Instagram under #rechbergrennen.

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Green light for sustainability

Nachhaltigkeit Rechbergrennen 2024

Since last year, the organizing committee of the Rechberg Race has been acting and thinking very sustainably!

A dedicated team of sustainability experts evaluated the 2023 race. In cooperation with AMF, the first steps towards environmental protection are now being promoted and appropriate measures implemented.

Based on this analysis, the organizing committee will take a first step towards active CO2 binding in 2024:
The aim is to bind the direct emissions from “active racing operations” through a regional tree planting campaign. The OC team will purchase or provide 1,000 tree seedlings for various trees (larch, fir, beech, etc. – All in accordance with the recommendation of the Chamber of Forestry) and distribute them to private individuals from the “Rechberg” catchment area and the municipalities of Fladnitz a.d. Teichalm and Semriach.

The CO2 emissions of approx. 10.6 tons of CO2 per year associated with “active racing operations” are bound and thus neutralized.

We want to and must evaluate the event in terms of climate protection, develop and implement ways to reduce CO2 – so that we can continue to pursue our beloved passion, motorsport, with a clear conscience in 10 years’ time and beyond,” says Werner Faustmann, who is the sustainability officer on the organizing committee.

The Grand Prix of Austria thus takes on a leading role throughout Europe in the segment of mass motorsport, and the findings, evaluations and successes gained will be translated into an event guide by the AMF. This guide, in turn, is intended to help organizers of similar, national events to force a multiplication of the individual building blocks.

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Mountain spectacle for the 50th Rechbergrennen!

Sigrid Ferstl beim Rechbergrennen

The team with Mario Klammer, Peter Eibisberger and Christian Ferstl has been preparing for the legendary Rechberg race for some time now.
True to the motto “Never change a running system, just make it better“, a few adjustments are being made to offer fans and active players a wonderful platform.

It’s like a racing car. You have to develop it further in order to remain effective. It is often only the little things that lead to success.”, says Peter Eibisberger. And Mario Klammer adds: “Looking back, we can certainly consider our premiere last year a success, and now the 50th anniversary of the Rechberg race is just around the corner. Our entire team is working hard to give this anniversary a worthy setting!“. Christian Ferstl says: “We set ourselves a very high bar last year, but we will still do everything we can to put our experience into practice and make a few changes here and there.”

Fans will now be able to experience this classic mountain race on the weekend of April 26 to 28, 2024 – the FIA has already confirmed the date. And it will be the 50th race on the Rechberg – no other mountain event in Austria can look back on such a history.

This year, the ultimate hillclimb race on the Rechberg will even be the first round of the FIA European Hillclimb Championship (modern & historic). As a result, we can expect an even higher-caliber field of participants than last year. The Austrian Mountain Championship will also be held.

“The Rechberg race is one of the biggest motorsport events in Austria and is also steeped in history and long-established. This is precisely why there will be some innovations again from 2024, after all we are celebrating the 50th race in beautiful Eastern Styria,” say the shareholders in unison, adding “Both participants and fans can once again look forward to something big… Tradition combined with modern times – that is our declared aim.”

The company is also very proud of the cooperation with the local motorsport clubs and associations, as well as the broad acceptance among the population. “We still have a lot to do, but we are highly motivated and confident that the Rechberg Race 2024 will be a complete success!” says the dynamic trio of managing partners Klammer, Eibisberger and Ferstl.